1977 A Mum with overflowing arms and over-full heart. Spiritually this is the same for my family....every one of them as we journey into 2016.

🙂        I am first of all a very shy person and the journey of my life has always previously been very private.  On this space I desire to keep the identities of family etc private but through necessity and now the publication of two books (updatged 2018 there are now five)... I have become a 'bit out there'.    I am wife (Thank God for my supportive husband, best friend and life companion for 48 years...in2018).   We have three children, 1 daughter and two sons and five grandchildren - three grand-daughters and two grand-sons.

        Impossible to express adequately but this family is very precious to me and I am truly thankful for ALL their lives and indeed the lives of in-laws and wider family.   My hearts desire that each one will find a path to a long and meaningful life, is a sincere prayer commitment.


17.10.2018 04:41

Elsie Hagley - Kiwinana

Lovely, I'm a shy person also. pleased to have met you.