Writing whether with pencil, crayon or even on a slate (very, very long ago) was a bit like breathing.

It's simply a part of me.

Reading after dark was not permitted. ? How do parents monitor ipads, iphones etc?


   It’s as if I was born to write.   Even as a small child I was a passionate reader.   My mother once commented to a friend.  ‘She’s always got a book in her hand. It’s often hard to get her attention.”

   I think I write because it is a part of me.  Diaries, journals – all of these were simply part of life for as long as I can remember.

   I always wrote in diaries life as it really was and kept journals for journeys of discovery both in life and spiritually.  The shift came later in life but right from an early age I KNEW I had to separate Fiction from my imagination and what was REAL and keep it balanced.