Beyond the Ashes - a story carried in my life for many years



      One day many years ago.   (perhaps in late 80's)  I awoke with a question on my mind.   What happens to a loving family when tragedy comes if lack of forgiveness (if one person is deemed responsible) is allowed to fester.   What happens to family love BEYOND THE ASHES?.

This then became a writing journey of exploration in my own heart.  I knew it had to have an Australian background because here I was born and I have a passion for the people and the land. I set it in 1970's Australia because I lived the time and KNEW what was happening and the beginnings of stuff (ie turtle conservations and whale watching) and issues about preserving the Rock.  Now known as Uluru.  Then loved and appreciated but known as Ayers Rock.  Beyond the Ashes  therefore is a story of love, loss, faith, and geographically journeys from country, to inland and to coast.  All towns and people are fictiticious except for the Centre journey as it seemed important to tell the story without the complications of what in our modern world has actually come to pass. Beyond the Ashes is not a complicated story but by its simplicity I have always hoped and prayed it would bring hope and encouragement to readers.   Published by Xlibris in 2014. (It to me will always be like 'family' - the people remain real in my heart.

Advertising the Launch

Some of the crowd.

Friends I had not seen for many years came.

Celebration Cake

Made by someone at the Library. It was yummy!

Book Signing - some supportive friends.

Librarian assists with launch

Geoff Barlow. Wonderful support and help. Cutting of a ribbon.