This page Standard page I could not get it to go away. Instead I am using it. Nothing Standard about us. This moment in our lives was the most life-changing yet we rejoice in the years together. Married 1970. Could not imagine then a world like 2015.2016.Surely the page should be called. Celebration of Life. Gratitude to God for the journey. Updated 22nd June 2018. Oh what has happened in last two years. How much the secular and 'modern' progressive' thinking has overtaken what was once considered 'sacred' and 'holy'.

It is now 2018. Not our anniversary but at a dear friend's Birthday Celebration. November. 48 years married now. Thanks be to God for undergirding GRACE.

Celebrating 50 years.....

Hamilton Island - mid pandemic but Queensland borders secure. 17th October 2020........FIFTY YEARS. Thank You Lord!