So much more to my journey- valleys - grief, loss of family and friends but sufficient to say at 35 my life changed FOREVER. I truly came to understand that GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is the God of all human spirituality, longings and seeking if we only surrender to HIM. Giftings, superenatural understandings, Creativity, Visions, Dreams as long as the focus returns to Jesus Christ as the Great I AM and Saviour Lord - all the occult counterfeiting is only because OUR GOD LIVES! HE is absolute God of Heaven (angels etc etc), God of Earth (revealed in Jesus Christ and God of the SPIRUTUAL realm - all the spirits in the darkness. HE IS DIVINE LORD of ALL. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. a-men.


Beauty always touches needing lives

I began to write about HIM.  Firstly poems, proses, insightful revelations etc and then I read the Upper Room a Morning Devotional.  This gave me the opportunity to write with scripture references, prayer the truth of actual life experiences.  I began to write for the Upper Room. Our God Lives is a small collection of 15 of what they previously published.   I simply wrote this book to be a God Blessing to others.   I have such a heart desire to get it 'out there' to cancer wards, hospitals, nursing homes etc etc.   (sadly the books are beautiful but even a bit pricey for me to buy as an author).   In His Provision and Timing I will give away this resource where it is needed.  Unto Him everything.  It is not about money.  I write because I write..  My final years on this earth I desire to reap and sow the beauty of what is Divine possiblities in every life if they seek for HIGHER.