This has been both a revelation and a joy. Gympie 1880-1890

This story surprised me because I never considered myself to be a historian.  I was fascinated about my local area but one day KNEW there was a story in my imagination that needed to be told. I concentrated on a ten year period but the story is entirely ficticious.  The people are all fiction but research has confirmed that all of them were indeed possible in the time period.  Grateful thanks to Aboriginal Advisor in Gympie Library because I only want honour to be given to first nation people and prejudice was indicative of the period only.

Book Launch is scheduled for 4th February in Library.  Hopefully pictures may be posted after that.  This site will remain limited to personal info and writing.   This is about me and my life. I hate writing about me.  I much prefer to write about the lives of the fiction people I love. This page will grow if info is available.

Library advertised with posters special newsletters etc

Handouts and advertising was widespread. Humbled and thrilled by the interest in this local fiction story

Librarian Geoff Barlow

Enthusiastic welcome and sharing. Personally grateful for his support and encouragement. support

Sharing re how the story began.

Surprised myself by passionately sharing how the story was not finished. Sequel to bring the story to 2015. Wow! the support I received to do this. ? Can I?

Early overview of gathering.

David and two others from front seat to still come.

quiet book-signing corner

While the afternoon tea was being served this was the quiet corner sharing and book-signing place. There was such gentle flow and I met inspiring people

6. Feb, 2016

A comment. Because of the inclement weather and storm forecast some folk booked did not attend but the warmth and intimate collection of folks who did come - many strangers - became a meaningful and very memorable evening. My heart is full of gratitude for it ALL.