Sometimes our lives are called to be Lights in dark places

Ministry has many facets in the Kingdom of God

Pathway of life. Ever focussing upwards.

Today 17th August, 2017 is for me a normal Thursday where my main focus I have chosen is to pray.   It started with a clear indication of something I had never really contemplated before.    All that has happened with my writing came to direction and focus in 2001 when the Twin Towers horror unfolded before the world  On my blog page  I expressed about the children and the bear stories.   Today this I KNOW.........Writing for me is a Ministry Calling and like all Ministries costs both in time and financially and there needs to a heart attitude of surrender so help to fulfill ministry must be also accepted.   Just a thought.   I write not for fame and fortune but because I want to sow, love, beauty and Hope into a world of often darkness and despair.