Scott breaks Rule No.1. Tells no one and ends up in trouble



                   Scott was in trouble!

            He had broken the No.1 rule put in place by Old Ted to guard the Magic Bears.   They had come to live in the house in the country with humans, their children, animals and other bears and dolls.   Forty

arrived.    These bears as part of a Collection were dressed in unusual costumes.   

            Through the years as their  personalities emerged and many magical events, often helpful and loving  occurred..........

             Danger of discovery intensified!

             Old Ted made ONE firm rule.


              No bear is to leave their shelf position without first telling me.


              One dark winter's evening Scott tried to whisper his intentions

without waking everyone up but gave up when he heard Old Ted


               'Oh, I'll go anyway.  No one will ever know and I'll be back

before morning.'   His skis were permanently attached to his feet so he

laughed as he jumped from his second shelf position and slid, walked,

and jumped his way to the back door.

                 A new ramp had been installed from the laundry to the back

yard.   It shone in the moonlight with the appeal of a snow-covered



       He managed to push his way through the dog-flap in the screen

door and positioned his skis at the top of the slope.



     ‘WOW’ Scott launched himself forward.    For a few moments, he

experienced the joy of knowing his identity.


                                  ‘I’m Scott the Skier.’


      Then, his skis hit the slippery surface of the backyard grass.


Across the yard he sped faster and faster.


       Moonlight danced on his shiny blue ski jacket.


       He lost his balance and zig-zagged erratically, until a sharp turn to

the right, connected his skis with a stone flowerpot.


        He overturned.


        He was wedged now upside down between the pot-plant and the

side of the house.     His twisted skis poked up from between the

fronds of a large fern which almost covered him.


              He was stuck fast!


               ‘Help! Help! I’m stuck.   I can’t move.’


                There was no one around to hear him and only the gentle

wind sighed in sympathy.


                 ‘Oh, I’m in trouble!  I’m really in trouble!’







Phillip the Photographer wanted to take pictures of Scott sking.


       It was Philip the Photographer who first noticed Scott’s absence.    

     He saw the space in the corner when he woke up.

         Oh Scott, you know I wanted to come with you.  Why did you just sneak off?

          It was early morning and he knew he had to pass the word

along.   He shook the sleepy young bear beside him and whispered.

‘Please will you pass a message on to Old Ted. Tell him please,   Scott

is missing.’

The sleepy bear was happiest being simply 'left in peace'.

 The message finally reached Old Ted who woke from a snooze  with a


Through a distortion of conflicting information he discerned that

someone was gone!    No one knew how or where.

     Unexpectedly, Missy began frantically barking outside.  The sound

pierced the usual chaos as the family gathered around the table

to eat.   After this breakfast ritual, people usually got on with their


     'Stop that barking, Missy' Dad called.   'Come here NOW!'.

     Obediently, she came and sat at his feet.

      'Now what is all the noise about?'

      'One of the bears is in trouble in the garden' she barked in reply.

       He patted her. 'Good Girl.  Well, no more of that noise.  Back

outside you go.'

       Missy pranced towards the door knowing the humans could not

understand her words. She turned her face towards the bear cupboard 

and barked again.   'The bear with sticks on his feet, is on his head. 

He's out near the large fern pot.  Woof!  Woof! upside down. Woof!'

        'You're very talkative this morning Missy' Mother laughed.  'Here's 

a bone for you, girl.   Go and sit quietly in the garden, now'.

         Missy swirled a few times around the lounge-room her tail held

high and a bone clenched between her teeth. 'Bear needs help' she 

softly woofed from the side of her mouth, before she departed.

          Joseph mutterd to Ted. 'How fortunate we can talk to that

strange dog.   She's special.  What can we do about Scott?   Perhaps all

the family will go out today.   Otherwise we'll have to attempt a rescue


            He sighed.   Ted groaned.






Sam the School Boy thought it was funny!

    It's not funny' he quickly cautioned Sam the Schoolboy. 

Sam giggled.. 'I .....I.....can't...can't. help it.The thought of

snooty Scott standing on his head is so.... so ....funny'.

       He splutterd.   'I'll try, but thinking of him stuck that way


       Others began laughing.

        'QUIET' growled Joseph.   'BE QUIET! No one else make a sound.  

The family will hear'.  

         'Yes, Yes, be quiet' meowed Megs from the cat basket.

         The fish in the fish tank swished their tails 'Shh! Shh! Shh!

         'Everyone seems restless this morning.' Dad said as he headed out

the door.   Perhaps there's a storm coming.   I'll take my umbrella'. 





Louis the Lumberjack offers help. "I have and AXE".

     It was afternoon before the house settled into silence. Now, safe

enough for a planned rescue attempt, everyone relaxed.

   One of the smaller children had announced in the morning, ‘We’re

going on a picnic.    We’re going on a picnic’.  Mother worked busily

but finally food was prepared, a basket packed, and excited children

were gathered and propelled out of the house. 

     The pricked ears of the waiting bears in the cupboard, heard the 

car sounds fade into the distance.  

     A collective sigh of relief swept along the shelves.

    ‘At last! Ted announced. ‘Young Scott’s been on his head for about

thirteen hours.   I hope he’ll not forget this lesson, in a hurry.’

      ‘Please don’t be cross with him when he comes home’.  Sue Care-

bear snuggled into Joseph’s chest. ‘He’s probably very tired and may

be hurt.’

      Old Ted replied kindly. ‘I only want to see him safely home.  I will

be happy again when everyone is back in their right PLACES. Hopefully

by sunset.’   Then, he called loudly.


‘Missy can you please come here. We will need your help.’


The eager border collie was instantly beside him.   Her face focussed

on his bear face and her eyes were intelligent and alert. ‘Help!  Help!

You know I only want to help.’

       She danced round and round the room.  Her black and white tail

swished enthusiastically.  

         Then, she lifted a paw and stroked his face.

          ‘Thank you, dear Missie. Do you think you can gently lift Scottie

out of the garden ferns?’

            ‘Yes, yes, I can do that’ she barked ‘but I may need some

help.  He’s tangled in ferns and shrubs.  I need someone to help clear

away the obstacles.   Then I can pull him out and bring him home.’

             Joseph nudged Ted ‘Pedro the Pirate has a cutlass.   Maybe he

could help.’

              ‘Oh please, please, let me.’  

     A deep bear voice spoke from the back of the lowest shelf. ‘I have an AXE.’ 

      Louis the lumber jack shuffled towards the front and looked up at

the dog,  and the bears on the higher shelves.  ‘I could hack away a bit

until the young fella is free.’

      ‘An axe sounds a bit dramatic but if you really want to help

Missie,will you promise not to cause unnecessary damage?’

        ‘I’ll use the axe like a sharp knife.   I promise I will be careful.  

  Although I would like to try my hand at chopping down something

bigger than a few ferns. One day!' He sighed. 

     Louis jumped down and proudly positioned himself beside the dog.

His axe was held ready for action. 

     Unexpectedly, a second bear jumped from a higher shelf and

landed with a ‘plop’ on the carpet.  It was Philip the Photographer.


      ‘Scott is my best friend.   Please let me come too.   I will help if

you tell me what to do and I will take only one photograph.

       I promised Scott I would keep a record of his adventures.   I still

feel upset he did not tell me he was going on one this time.  I hope 

I'll  get one picture to remind him of his foolishness in heading out

alone and without telling anyone’.

     Ted would have refused permission. ‘I hate bears running around

the place’ he grumbled.

     Missie woofed.  ‘Oh, let him come.   I’ll do my best to get them all

safely home as quickly as possible.’

       She then pranced out the door and two tiny bears trotted behind

struggling to keep up.

          She came back a few seconds later.  ‘I think it would be quicker

if I helped you.’  She picked up Louis by one leg and managed to

grab Phillip’s camera strap at the same time.

          The dog and bears disappeared outside. Two bears now

helplessly dangled from Missie’s mouth.

           Laughter from the watching audience rippled around the

room.   The goldfish splashed water and Megs gave a sleepy ‘meow’.






Flash and Fina could hear and see what was happening but only splashed their tails to express joy or worry.

     'Help! Oh please help me' Scott's plaintiff voice rose from the middle

of a large clump of ferns.  'Help! Help!'

      'We'll get you out young fella. ' Louis swung his axe, and chopped

the head off a small stone frog. It held a rain guage on a tiny platform.   The platform began to wobble threateningly.

  'Oops, sorry.  I hope no one will notice' he muttered.

     Missie spoke now calmly and firmly. ' Please, gently cut away

the vines and ferns,  PLEASE be careful and cut only what I tell you.

  We do not want the family to notice anything unusual when they

come home.'

    Phillip laughed.    'I wonder who they'll blame for the frog losing his 


     'Probably me, but more likely the cat. Come on guys, let's try and 

help Scott as quickly as we can.'

      'Yes, please' the muffled voice came from inside the fern fronds. 

      Louis cut. Phillip gathered and tried to repair the damaged ferns 

while Missie, after gaining a secure hold of Scott's skis, wriggled and

shook until the little skier was gently freed.    She then tenderly held

him in her mouth and brought him inside.   She laid him on the carpet

beneath the fishtank.  

     'Thank you'.  Scott said with a yawn.  'I just want to sleep and


     'I'll go and get the others' Missie said as she danced her way

back  outside.

       Many tiny paws ministered to the little skier and Sam the Surgeon

Bear checked him for broken stitches or gashes in his fur. 

        When Philip and Louis were also home, it took a team effort, 

including a lot of help from the dog, but eventually before the family

returned in mid-afternoon, everyone was back and the house seemed 

to be 'normal'.

           It was not until Phillip proudly showed his photograph that

the whole story was fully understood.

            That photo had to be hidden carefully.   It was absolute proof

that things in this house were anything but NORMAL. 



Missie only wants to help

Flash and Fina SEE and KNOW everything

Can I go back to sleep NOW?

Phillip has a CAMERA

Scott has an AXE