Like a miracle.......The PEACE STORY AND THE IMAGE


I was at a very famous place......Hampton Court in England.....A brief and wonderful time in our lives as a couple...... Everyone around with their cameras were focussed on the incredible castle structure and were gob-smacked by the history of this extraordinary place.   I was walking along a cobbled path and cameras were taking photos everywhere.  Walking click, walking click....that type of scenario. I looked to my side.   We were passing a small lake. I saw the white swan.   I stopped and 'looked'.  I heard God speak to me very very clearly.....Be still and KNOW that I am God.    I froze in the moment and simply held the camera up and aimed and pointed.   For the rest of that day I was a little 'out of the hype' and subdued.

When I saw the image among all the other holiday snaps of places and people etc.   I day it would be the cover of a beautiful book to bless the lives of folks who may be grieving or sad.  In 2017 this became a reality.   As legacy of Limga was  being assessed and then printed, I was sent an e-mail.   Faye if you have something else to be published at the same time let us talk there may be something we could offer you to bring it about.     I had all the already published devotions (Upper Room) and incorporated them into one Book.   The only problem came when they tried to get copyright on any images........What revelation to them.  What Joy to me.   Cover pictures and all except two of the others in the book are mine.  I am not a photographer.   When anyone sees this book the dog with ball is not mine, or the large frog.   I had images but mine were not clear enough.   I have such a certainty that an ANOINTING in on the PEACE Book and I look forward to see God's unfolding on where and how I can both purchase, and give away where needed as part of the Gifting flow of sowing and reaping.   Thankfulness to my Lord indeed for the journey. I thought it would probably be just a black and white book because of the amazing offer made to me but one of their tech blokes said 'No, this book is meant to be beautiful.  Peace is meant to be in the pictures , in the writing but most of all in the 'stillness' it is about. 

Praise God Now a reality.     My need is to be able to get many copies so they can be given, shared or loved as a table anointed blessing in hospitals, waiting rooms of doctors etc etc.   There is so much violence in our world.....This is about God's Light in the Darkness response to human hopelessness.   Unto Him the outcome...... 

More than simply the amazing God Moment