Expansion and Vision

Gathering together the silken threads of my life and what is still to be written and achieved.

I came upon this page today August 18th, 2018 and felt it important to maybe add something about the gathering threads of life.   Changes inevitably occur and none of us KNOW beyond the day in which we live how long our life span may be.  It is with this awareness, yet a TRUST in God to fulfill ALL He has purposed for my life,  particularly with the Gift of Writing, I acknowledge  He had given me, that I will gently flow in sharing.    www.sacredmusings.com  continues to be my website of more spiritual sharing and the blog site Passionate Creative Christian which is a Wordpress site is a connection to interact with 'others' on the journey.  Changes in Life need to be recorded even here so I will conclude with a picture of the LOVED small dog who was a guest and is now a resident of our rural lifestyle.  

A little bedraggled but used as a Passport Phote for the Vet. August 2018.

Not quite so bedraggled but happy after a run in forestry.