Sue Care Bear speaks. Joseph wakes up.


Are they shy or forgotten?


One hot summer morning, Sue Care Bear spoke. The sound of her gentle piercing voice shocked Joseph (the Uncle Bear), out of his snoozing posture.

     ‘What’s up little un ? Have you seen something or are you worried?’

       ‘No, I’m a bit puzzled that’s all.   Sorry, I must have spoken my thoughts out aloud.’

        ‘Tell ME’ the older, larger Teddy growled ‘Perhaps we can sort it out together.’

         Sue tilted her pure white bear face and looked up into his gentle brown eyes.  She did not move from her position on his lap, but the heart attached to her paw bounced against his knee.

         ‘What happened to the seven small bears who came together in a box? We have not seen or heard from them, though they must have lived here for several years now.’

          ‘Oh!’   The older bear crinkled his eyes in concentration.     ‘They came in a box with writing on the side.    I think it said ‘Secret Seven’.   I remember the human mother shouted ‘These are the last seven to complete my collection.   They are beautiful!  They are all different and I really don’t know what they individually represent.   Collectively they are known as the Secret Seven, because I asked for seven more to complete the collection of forty, I intended.  ‘I’ll keep them together at the furthest corner of the tall glass cabinet. I’m sure they’ll be safe and happy there.’

             Joseph sighed.   ‘I must admit I had completely forgotten all about them.;

             Sue Care Bear sobbed. “I hope they don’t feel neglected.’   Her blue eyes glistened with unshed tears.

            Joseph kissed the top of her tiny head.  “I’ll tell Old Ted and perhaps he’ll ask Young Sam the School Boy, to check them out.   If they need help or want to come down to talk to us, I’m sure one of the bigger fellas like Louis the Lumber Jack could be of assistance. 

          Perhaps we will get to meet them before very long.    Please don’t be upset. We’ll check it out.’


           Joseph growled. muttered and immediately dozed off. His snores and the rhythm of his breathing helped settle Sue Care Bear.

         High up in the large glass-fronted cabinet a small voice said. ‘I knew we were not forgotten.’

       ‘I hope they DO forget about us’ another voice responded.  ‘I rather like our privacy.   It’s great being part of the SECRET SEVEN.



The Secret Seven sometimes spoken about but 'hidden'. Very different. What are their stories?