Where is this little athlete?


Joseph and Sue are worried. Old TED does not yet know.

The House on the hill has undergone some changes.   Two new white cupboards will house the complete family of teddies who arrived beginning in 2001.      

     They are Magic Bears in this house and have had lots of adventures.  

       Stories have been written and adventures  shared.  Old Ted, Joseph and Sue Car Bear will continue to oversee and monitor bear activites.  

          One worrying event is causing concern. ....Tim the Tennis Player is missing................. Where is he?  

          A search is underway.    If you have suggestions or information will you write to the Teddies email please.   Advice and prayers are valued.   E-mail       teddies@golden-rains.com 

2. Nov, 2021

MISSING bear athletic TENNIS player

FOUND, is it magic? Or, does GOD care about seemingly unimportant things. Tim is now standing with the others. Stories to follow. Amazing this creative life has been and still is on this teddy journey.

MARK - from the past.....one of the original before the post 2001 tragedy occurred.

         Mark and Tim the Tennis Player found on an old shelf tangled together.    Now both restored and FREE.    Tim will tell the story and also Bert the Builder add his unique part in it all.   

New Pages......New Stories to follow.